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Ukrainian prosecutors say they are investigating 4,468 alleged Russian war crimes after the horror of recent atrocities in the Ukrainian town of Bucha was exposed, sparking global revulsion and a series of crippling new sanctions against Russia.

According to figures released by the prosecutor’s office, a total of 4,468 potential war crimes were listed as being investigated on Tuesday, with the figure rising by the hundreds every day. About 165 children also died as a result of the Russian invasion, the agency added.

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova described the recently liberated towns around kyiv as a “tortured hellish region” and vowed to “punish the inhumans who settled it on our lands” during a point press conference held from Bucha on Tuesday.

“Russia will be responsible for Bucha in The Hague,” she added in a statement released later in the day.

“Prosecutors and investigators are already examining the area [Kyiv region] and document the crimes, so that every perpetrator of these atrocities is brought to justice in national and international courts,” she added. noted.

Ukraine’s prosecutor’s office said preliminary investigations had started across the country, including in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Mykolaiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

“We collect evidence for national courts and the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The evidence is no longer just war crimes, but crimes against humanity. And we will prove all the facts to punish those who tortured, mocked and destroyed Ukrainians,” Venediktova said.

Russian soldiers committed sexual violence against Ukrainian women and men, children and the elderly,“, she said in a separate statement.

But the victims are silent. It is their choice. And it is clear: fear, pain, despair, total disbelief for all.

Specifically, the Attorney General referred to reported atrocities committed in Bucha.

“Bucha was freed from the occupiers, but the consequences of their atrocities will have to be recovered for a long time: civilians were killed in the streets, cars were shot down, torturers in basements,” she says.

Venediktova said prosecutors are currently investigating “the gruesome act of torturing, killing and attempting to burn the bodies of six civilians in Bucha,” she tweeted on Tuesday.

The occupiers attempted to burn the bodies of six civilians tortured and killed in Bucha,” she says, add that prosecutors and police officers from the Kyiv region discovered a torture chamber in the city of Bucha, in the basement of a children’s sanatorium.

Ukraine’s prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Tuesday:

During the occupation of the town of Bucha, soldiers of the Russian Federation armed forces, violating the norms of international humanitarian law, killed civilians and set fire to their bodies in order to cover up the crime.

During the investigation, it was found that the bodies of the dead bear traces of violent death and torture. Bucha district prosecutors and the Kyiv region prosecutor’s office are working on the site together with police employees. Steps are taken to determine all the circumstances of the crime. The preliminary investigation is ongoing. »

The Buchanian District Attorney’s Office has filed criminal charges, the office confirmed.

In the basement of one of the children’s sanatoriums, law enforcement discovered the bodies of five men with their hands tied. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation tortured unarmed civilians and then killed them.

Prosecutors and police work at the crime scene. All measures are taken to determine the circumstances of each war crime and of each person involved in the Russian aggression in order to bring them to justice.

Throughout the Kyiv region, investigative and operational groups are investigating crime scenes in various districts, Venediktova said.

“More than 50 National Police personnel and prosecutors are now involved in conducting the first-ever investigations in the territory of Buchansky District alone,” she said in a statement earlier this week.

Similar work is also reportedly being developed in all liberated towns in the Kyiv and Chernihiv region, with investigators working with locals to speak with witnesses, victims and gather photo and video evidence, Venediktova added. ,

“It takes time and a professional approach to record everything properly and not lose any chance of finding and punishing the culprits,” she said.

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