Viray: Regionalism is bad – SUNSTAR

I will not vote for a Pampagueño running for president.

I will not vote for a Pampagueño candidate for the vice-presidency.

I am against regionalism.

I don’t believe in Solid North.

I don’t believe in the Solid South.

Every Filipino should think of the nation, not the region, as the basis of their selection.

It doesn’t matter if Leni was from Bicol (Naga). It doesn’t matter if Isko is from Manila, it doesn’t matter if Pacman is from Gensan. It is by accident that Ping calls Cavite, his hometown. Bongbong has its roots in Ilocos Norte, but that shouldn’t be a factor when voting for the Ilocanos.

We have long been divided by factions. We must not think of regionalism when we go to the polls.

Tito Sotto is from Nueva Ecija. Sara Duterte is from Davao City. Kiko finds her roots in Santo Tomas, Pampanga. Lito Atienza comes from Manila. Their place of birth should not deserve any consideration when we select the vice president of the country.

The president and vice president of the Philippines must serve the entire constituency of the country, not a part of it.

We should emphasize nationalism, not factionalism.


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