UP CM Yogi Adityanath calls on Rahul Gandhi for his “aam baat which divides” | India News

Lucknow: An “aam baat” from Congressman Rahul Gandhi snowballed in a political storm on Friday with UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath not mince words as he called on Gandhi to divide for rejecting the famous mangoes of the UP.
On his way to a press conference, Gandhi was asked about his choice of mangoes. He amazed many around him when he said, “I don’t like UP aams. I love Andhra. It’s a question of taste. Langda is doable. Dussheri is too sweet for me.
His rejection of UP’s products did not suit the state CM.
“Shri Rahul Gandhi ji, your taste divides. The whole country is aware of your dividing upbringing. The impact of disruptive values ​​is so strong on you that you have even reduced the taste of fruits to regionalism. But remember, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari the taste of India is one, ”the CM tweeted in Hindi.

Gorakhpur BJP MP Ravi Kishan also jumped into the debate, saying Rahul didn’t like UP mangoes and UP didn’t like Congress.
Gandhi also found himself at the center of controversy earlier this year, when he compared UP unfavorably with Kerala shortly after losing the 2019 elections to Lok Sabha of the congressional stronghold of Amethi but has won the victory of Wayanad.
“It’s much easier to talk about politics in Kerala… simple, direct, extremely solid political mobilization at the local level. The system reacts very quickly. It’s not a political war but I love going there. I feel happy, I feel like I have come home. There is affection, there is mutual affection, ”he said. Gandhi added that at UP, there had been a total rupture between the communities, “no conversation between the communities, much more complex negotiations, much more difficult to get things done, a lot more fighting but the potential is huge”.
In February 2021, he told a rally that he was used to a very different kind of politics when he was an MP for the North. “For me, coming to Kerala was very refreshing because all of a sudden I found that people were interested in the issues, and not just superficially but going into details,” he said.

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