Ukraine-Qatar trade hits record high in 2021, envoy says

Trade and economic cooperation between Qatar and Ukraine “has intensified significantly” in recent years, Ukrainian Ambassador Andrii Kuzmenko said, citing data from the National Statistics Service of Ukraine.
Kuzmenko said that the total volume of foreign trade (goods and services) between the two countries in 2021 amounted to “178.9 million dollars”, “which is the largest figure in the history of diplomatic relations. between Ukraine and Qatar”.
Speaking to the Gulf Times yesterday, Kuzmenko said the volume of trade in goods “increased significantly” and reached “$166.71 million”. At the same time, the volume of exports to Qatar amounted to “148.03 million dollars”, while the volume of imports of Qatari goods amounted to “18.68 million dollars”. “The positive balance for this period is worth $129.55 million,” the ambassador noted.
Kuzmenko said bilateral trade in services between Ukraine and Qatar “is relatively low”. However, in 2021, there was a slight increase, mainly due to the renewal of transport services, which amounted to “12.19 million dollars”.
“The export of services to Qatar amounted to 6.44 million dollars. Imports into Ukraine amounted to $5.74 million. The positive balance for Ukraine is $704,000,” Kuzmenko stressed.
Trade between the two countries “took off on a positive note” in early 2022, the ambassador said. “Exports to Qatar accounted for up to $4.88 million, while imports from Qatar amounted to $1.39 million in January 2022. Of course, the delivery of the goods was almost completely halted due to the blockade of the Ukrainian seaport after the start of the war with Russia,” he said. Explain.
Kuzmenko said: “According to the results in 2021, despite the restrictive measures taken by the Qatari government and some changes in trade policy aimed at combating the spread of coronavirus infection, a positive trend in bilateral trade in goods is preserved. .”
In 2021, exports from Ukraine to Qatar included the following goods: ferrous metals (54.3%), “miscellaneous articles” (17.6%), fats and oils (12.8%), residues of food industry (4.2%), ferrous metal products (2.9%). ), and milk and milk products.
Ukraine’s imports from Qatar in 2021 were plastics, polymer materials (78%), organic chemical compounds (13.9%) and inorganic chemical products (7.9%).
“The establishment of the Joint Commission on Economic, Trade and Technical Cooperation between the governments of Ukraine and Qatar has given a strong impetus to the acceleration of trade between the two states, as well as the deepening and the intensification of commercial and interpersonal relations.
“Both parties agreed on the main areas of cooperation and mutual interest. The second session of the joint commission was held in August and September 2021 in Kyiv. Both parties confirmed the holding of the third session of the commission in 2023,” he said.
Kuzmenko said that the “most successful achievement so far” in the development of investment cooperation between Ukraine and Qatar is the agreement signed between the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ukrainian Ports Authority (USPA) and the Qatari company QTerminals for the concession of the Ukrainian Port, Olvia.
The official signing ceremony took place on August 20, 2020, by videoconference. Under the deal, QTerminals will invest around $140 million to develop the port over the next five years, he noted.
Kumenko added: “Qatar’s role in humanitarian relief and development is quite remarkable, and this is a good time to think about post-war reconstruction and development.
“And we believe that the achieved level of bilateral cooperation in the field of trade and economy will be restored after the war, and it will show new record levels. Along with this, Qatar is invited to participate in the implementation of various post-war reconstruction projects to rebuild Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure.

Last update: August 23, 2022 11:23 p.m.

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