Ukraine open for business

The deployment of an EU police mission or a UN peacekeeping force in Ukraine is the exclusive prerogative of the Ukrainian state, said Petro Poroshenko.

“It is the territory of Ukraine. And we hate the idea that any other state will decide whether UN peacekeepers should be there or not. And we are very interested that this is also a possibility for the European Union police mission – or in the United Nations Security Council, the peacekeeping mission would be mainly represented by the European Union. We trust them, they are our partners. And we think this is a very effective way to solve the issue,” Poroshenko told Euronews in an interview.

As the peacekeeping mission’s decision could be vetoed in the UN Security Council, Poroshenko suggested: “And that’s why we would need to have this discussion in the same way we did in Minsk, it would be a unanimous decision, to have peacekeepers.”

“Yes, we have support, we have confirmation” from the European Union and NATO, Poroshenko continued.

“Where do we need these blue helmets? First, on our border, because the border is a key element of sovereignty and we need blue helmets to close these borders to stop supplying troops, ammunition and weapons to Ukrainian territory, very simple. And secondly, the peacekeepers along the buffer zone, with the sideline that was established here only to guarantee peace and stability,” he concluded.

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