To remember from Sunday, May 22

On Sunday May 22, Russian forces continued to bombard eastern Ukraine, aiming to capture Severotnetsk in Lukansk, one of the two parts of Donbass. On the diplomatic level, France was considering the accession of Ukraine to the European Union “Probably 15 or 20 years”, at the risk of making kyiv cringe. Here is the important information of the day.

Russian ‘Ground Through’ Attacks

According to the Ukrainian president, Russian bombs targeted the cities of Mikholev, Kharkiv and Saporizia overnight from Saturday to Sunday. Ukrainian officials noted in their daily morning briefing that the Russian military would continue “His missiles and airstrikes throughout the region” And there was even “Intensified with the use of aircraft to destroy vital infrastructure”.

According to War Research Institute, an American research center, Russian forces “Getting Territory” Rubijne-Severodonetsk-Lyssychansk region and “Intensified their efforts to capture Severodonetsk”. Near this place, Moscow troops destroyed a bridge and showed their willingness to surround the city.

Martial law in Ukraine extended for three months

In two votes, Ukraine’s parliament on Sunday approved an extension of the presidential decree on martial law and public mobilization until August 23. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Jelensky signed the agreement on February 24, the first day of the Russian invasion. They have already been extended twice, for a period of one month.

The “historic” trip of the Polish president to Q.

On Sunday, Polish President Andrzej Duda became the first foreign head of state to address the Ukrainian parliament in Que since the start of the Russian invasion. “Then [les massacres à] Bautista, Borodianka, Mariupol, can no longer trade with Russia “as usual”. “, he said, was repeatedly interrupted by a standing ovation during a speech. He said he wasn’t going to relax his attempt “Until Ukraine becomes a member of the European Union”.

Its Ukrainian representative, for his part, greeted the delegates “A historic moment“, “A historic union between the Ukrainian and Polish peoples”. “Poland plays an important role in our future, our common future in the EU”insisted Volodymyr Jelensky. If Ukraine is a member of the European Union, “Thank you for this Poland”. Signing of a bilateral tariff reduction agreement at the border between the two countries “In the recent future”Announcement.

“In 15 or 20 years” in the EU according to Ukraine, Paris

Ukraine joins the EU “Probably 15 or 20 years”Estimate, Sunday, by the French ministerial representative for European Affairs, Clément Péon. “If we say that Ukraine will join the EU in 6 months, 1 year or 2 years, we are lying. It’s not true. (…) It is too long.”In the meantime, he felt that kyiv should enter the European political community proposed by Emmanuel Macron.

On May 9, the French president decreed that Cuew wanted the process of joining the European Union. “It will take many years, in fact decades.”This is why his proposal for a “New European organization”. On Saturday, Volodymyr Zhelensky again denied the allegations : “We don’t need alternatives to Ukraine’s EU candidacy. We do not need such compromises.

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