Tense center-state relations under the Modi: Moily government


Former Union Minister Veerappa Moily said on Sunday that relations between the Center and the states had become “more strained” under the Narendra Modi government and urged the prime minister to relaunch the Planning Commission to strengthen cooperative federalism.

He also called for a meeting of the National Integration Council, which finds ways and means to fight against the evils of communalism, casteism, regionalism and language.

In an interview with PTI-Bhasha, the main congressional leader hit Modi, saying that in a democracy, a man’s thought cannot replace national thought. The trade union government needs to work with state governments rather than behaving like a “big brother,” he said.

Describing the Centre’s decision to recall West Bengal Chief Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay as an “attack on federalism,” he said such actions would only create friction.

“The union government shouldn’t act like a big brother. It is not pleasant. Just because there is a misunderstanding, you cannot just remember the chief secretary. This is not a good development. It is an attack on federalism, ”said the former Karnataka chief minister.

Referring to the row over Modi’s meeting with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in the wake of Cyclone Yaas, Moily said the issue should not be politicized when the state is in distress.

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“The prime minister should give his support rather than criticize the chief minister,” he said.

Moily, the former head of the Administrative Reform Commission (ARS), said the Centre’s relations with states have become “more strained”, especially after Modi took the reins in 2014, and criticized the government of the Union for having been involved in politics, even in times of crisis. pandemic and calamities.

“Congress or the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) has never had a habit of politicizing such issues. They had never been in politics. But now politics has started in everything. The introspections will have to be made by the Prime Minister himself ”, declared the head of the Congress.

“They shouldn’t be playing the big brother role. They will have to cooperate and collaborate with state governments, ”he said. The former trade union minister said the Center cannot distinguish between citizens and such a practice would constitute a dangerous trend for unity and integrity.

“This will ultimately affect the unity of the country,” he said.

Moily said it was high time the Prime Minister called a meeting of the NIC.

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“Such a concept has been forgotten. The meetings of the INC were very important and its work bound all States together. It is the best method to unite and strengthen federalism, which must be revived, ”he declared.

Calling NITI Aayog a government department, Moily said the planning commission concept was “better.”

“The Planning Commission was there for financial integration, which once enjoyed a great deal of autonomy. The planning commission concept was the best and it had served the country. It will have to be relaunched ”, he declared, adding that it was high time that the Prime Minister rethought all these things that he retained.

Emphasizing the need to implement the recommendations of the Second Administrative Reform Committee, Moily said as president that he had proposed 15 reforms on various aspects, including disaster management, but the Union government is coming to forget it.

“An unfortunate aspect of this Modi government after 2014 is that it does not have the institutional memory that the Congress party did. The nation needs institutional memory, not political memory. The 15 reports provided on various aspects need to be reviewed and implemented, ”he said.

The congressman said all of this “anarchy and confusion” is because one person likes to control everything. “The thought of a man will not be a national thought, the national thought should be the thought of the Prime Minister,” he said, hitting the Center and added that after all, states should have autonomy sufficient and sufficient which cannot be deleted on everything. .

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