Sufficient supplies of essential items during Gawai, the people of Kapit ensured


Buyers are seen at Terasang Market.

KAPIT (May 29): The Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumption (KPDNHEP) has assured residents of Kapit, Song, Bukit Mabong and Belaga districts that there are sufficient essential food items throughout this season. Gawai Dayak.

Ministry chief Al-Redzamani Abdul Razak said 10 items had been listed under the Holiday Season Maximum Price Control Program (SHMMP) for Gawai until June 3.

These are live chickens, standard chickens (slaughtered and cleaned with thighs, heads, liver and giblets or part thereof), super chicken (slaughtered and cleaned, without thighs, heads, liver and giblets) ), Class A chicken eggs (weighing between 65 g and 69.9 g), Class B chicken eggs (weighing between 60 g and 64.9 g each), Class C chicken eggs (weighing between 55 g and 59.9 g each), old live chicken, chicken wings, pork (belly) and pork (meat and fat).

“Based on our regular inspection and also feedback from retailers and suppliers, the level of supply is stable and should be sufficient to meet demand.

“Nonetheless, our KPDNHEP teams continue to closely oversee and monitor selling and buying trends during the current period of the Movement Control Order (MCO), as well as ensuring that every trader is in compliance. strictly to the price control system for Gawai 2021.

“We aim to promote a healthy business environment and a win-win situation between traders and consumers,” Al Redzamani said in a statement.

He also warned that harsh action would await any trader caught raising the price of any of the items checked during the SHMMP Gawai 2021 period.

“Any consumer who finds a merchant who is not following the program or who notices other unscrupulous business practices can file a report by calling our hotline 1-800-886-800, or texting WhatsApp via 019-2794317.

“Also, search for KPDNHEP on Facebook, or go to the Kapit KPDNHEP office behind Meligai Hotel, which is open 8 am-5pm every working day,” he said.

Meanwhile, an investigation here yesterday showed that many buyers were sourcing not only for the Gawai Dayak celebration, but also for the state’s MCO, which goes into effect today.

Terasang Market, Pasar Tani Kapit, Kapit Night Market, cold stores and various supermarkets were crowded with more customers than usual.

A local resident, who wishes to be identified only as “Ms. Chen,” said her husband reminded her to buy additional vegetables and meat for their family’s consumption over the next few days.

“I bought various greens, pork and also fish – these should last for the next few days.

“We adults don’t mind that much, but it’s the children who need more food to grow up,” Jalan Selirik’s housewife said when she met at Terasang market yesterday.

Penghulu Allan Tubam said he spent most of his time in his longhouse throughout the various stages of the AGC.

“I would not go down to the town of Kapit, unless there were urgent or official tasks to be accomplished.

“I believe in taking care of myself and my family as much as possible. I want to protect them from Covid-19. As a community leader, I have to set a good example for my followers, ”he said, adding that he and other community leaders had come to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

“This morning (yesterday), I took the opportunity to buy additional food, drinks before going back to my longhouse.

“With the MCO going into effect on May 29, I would not be shopping in Gawai. These extra foods and drinks are for my household stock, ”said Allan, whose grocery list included pork, eggs, chicken wings and other meats, cookies and canned foods.

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