Restructure Nigeria ahead of 2023 elections, NFP tells Buhari

The National Policy and Governance Director of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Rev. Femi Emmanuel has called on the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Ret’d) to restructure the country ahead of the general elections in Nigeria. 2023.

Emmanuel said Nigeria should be prepared for tough times if the president fails to restructure the country ahead of the elections.

He explained that the nation was predisposed to regionalism, adding that pretending that Nigeria “is one country will not help the nation move forward.”

Speaking to Sunday PUNCH in an interview, he said: ‘If we carry on as we claim as a nation, we are only postponing the bad days. This country needs to be restructured before the next legislative elections in 2023. If you look at the country, our natural inclination is towards regionalism.

“If you look at the presidential candidates, we see the people in their region supporting them. Wherever they come from, their people support them. In the Southwest, the same trend is observed.

“It’s the same in the North-West and North-East as well as in the South-East. It’s who we are. Until we solve this problem, every attempt at an election will be a charade.

He added, however, that there are people in the ruling class who benefit from the system, saying, “There is no amount of elections and interventions that can help the country. Until we stand up in this country and say enough, nothing will change.

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