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We are told that the greatest danger of tribalism is that it transforms political tendencies into social identities, creating a political quagmire, traffic jams and decadence.

And in a country like ours still grappling with regionalism in terms of voting, the tribe – unfortunately becomes a tramp card!

And Dillon Mayangwa warns today that the cadre of PF Chishimba Kambwili does not change but what changes are victims of its venom.

“Mr. Chishimba Kambwili, it is the same man that the PF expelled. It does not change but what changes fall victim to its venom. Today PF can celebrate it but one thing they need to know is that when they stop paying it, he will start insulting them. Why should the Zambian people trust him again for tribal talks? This man is a danger to society because he has no principles. He divides this country with his loose mouth, ”says Dillon. “Kambwili knows all too well that the Zambians are suffering right now, and any message that divides them as a nation is more insulting because they need solutions to their problems. Thus, Kambwili deliberately de-campaigns PF by peddling lies and tribal policies that [founding president Kenneth Kaunda] KK and others rejected. People of Zambia, open your eyes and think because tribal politics only benefit them and their family. This man must not make you believe that he is telling the truth because not long ago he was asking God where Edgar Lungu came from.

It seems the dirtiest word in Zambian politics today is tribalism.

To borrow from Jenniffer Brick Murtazashvili – if we are to describe Kambwili’s type of politics – tribalism is blind loyalty to a group that is tearing our country apart – thus, ‘agreement. The greatest danger of tribalism is that it transforms political tendencies into social identities, creating a political quagmire, stalemate and decadence… Today, “tribalism” has become a basket category for our ugly situation; that is, the things that we believe cause our increased polarization. Indeed, we have enormous political challenges because we no longer value or no longer know how to live as tribes: to establish rules together, to develop consensus, to solve difficult problems without calling for external help. In fact, tribes – real tribes – provide a lot of meaning, community, and connection. [But] tribal structures are not the main driver of division. These are the politicians … feeding on the largesse of donors whose thirst for state power has undermined common sense [group feeling/ social capital]. “

Anchoring an electoral campaign on tribal excesses is despicable, a confirmation of a lack of ideology or political manifesto. But the use of the tribe is not developmental. He cannot advance a political party or a nation. In fact, the tribal train derailed a long time ago. The youth of this nation are aware of the divisive and backward nature of tribalism and regionalism. In 21st century things, we cannot be seen as facing the polarization of our unitary state through tribal campaigns and patronage!

As Barack Obama warned Africans: “In many places, the hope of my father’s generation has given way to cynicism, even despair. Now, it’s easy to point the finger at and shift the blame for these issues onto others. Yes, a colonial map that made little sense helped generate conflict. The West has often approached Africa as a patron or source of resources rather than a partner. But the West is not responsible for the destruction of Zimbabwe’s economy over the past decade, nor for the wars in which children are drafted as combatants. In my father’s life, part of it was tribalism, favoritism and nepotism in an independent Kenya that derailed his career for a long time, and we know that kind of corruption is still a daily reality for far too many. people.

Going back in history, when PF was founded, it was purely dominated by the Bemba. In fact, its founder Michael Sata was so convinced, in the 2006 general election, that the Bemba-speaking provinces, namely the north, Luapula, the copper belt and the center, would give him the presidency when added. to the city of Lusaka where it was also popular. But he failed and the rest is history. In 2011, Michael got convincing votes from the West and parts of the East, which resulted in his victory. The lesson here is that there is no politician who can rule this country using the primitive mantra of tribalism. Thus, the tribal agenda of Kambwili and that of its sponsors, the PF, is not only backward but also STUPID.

Zambia is a unitary state where we exist in cultural and linguistic diversity. This in itself adds to the cultural beauty and richness of this nation. So, whatever Kambwili and his PF say about the other tribes, it will not succeed, it will simply end their political career. The sooner they find out, the better it will be for them.

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