Park Place wants new housing for recovering drug addicts


OSCEOLA COUNTY, Florida – Osceola County may soon experience its first development for chronically homeless people.

What would you like to know

  • Hope is to build 30 new units on North Dillingham Avenue
  • The estimated cost of the new units is $ 7.5 million
  • Park Place hopes to secure funding from Florida Housing Financing Corp
  • Osceola County and Kissimmee want to donate approximately $ 1 million to the project

Behavioral Health Care at Park Place in Kissimmee wants to create low-rental housing specifically for recovering drug addicts or the mentally ill who are homeless like Mark Tejada.

“I used to work and sleep on the street, but like I said, sometimes it’s hard to be alone with no one there,” Tejada said.

The idea is to build 30 new units on North Dillingham Avenue, on land that Park Place already owns. Park Place has older units temporarily occupied by patients while others are too dilapidated to be used.

The hope is to remove what’s there and create something completely new that is estimated to cost $ 7.5 million.

“Our case managers, when we told them we were really interested in doing this project, were thrilled,” said Jim Shanks, CEO of Park Place. “We see people every day who are in desperate need of a place to live and we can’t always help them.”

Park Place recently applied for a low interest loan with Florida Housing Financing Corp for the bulk of the financing. If approved, the county and city together wish a little over $ 1 million for this project.

Park Place is hoping to hear from Florida Housing Financing Corp about its application during the summer.

The development company, Birdsong, is reinvesting all of its development costs into the project to help make it happen.

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