Napa Council May Vote on Grocers’ Risk Premium Order April 6 | Local News


Employees at the American Canyon grocery store will receive a risk premium of $ 5 per hour due to the pandemic.

If the board chooses to immediately apply the hero pay rule, the increases will remain in effect until August 4.

The decision to raise salaries for grocers has become one of the highlights of Napa’s annual council goal setting process, which began with a two-day workshop in February and sets out the city’s top priorities for l ‘year. At their March 16 meeting, board members expressed support for such a move, following the end of the hero pay bonuses they extended in the early months of the pandemic last year. .

“Chain store employees should be compensated fairly for their work during the pandemic, and I want to move quickly on this,” board member Mary Luros said last week on the need to compensate workers for the risk of harm. infection that will persist in the months leading up to COVID- 19 vaccinations protect a larger part of the population.

Salary increases for grocery store workers were approved in various cities in California this year, including Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Jose and Berkeley.

Napa council to explore 'hero pay' ordinance for essential city workers during pandemic

Napa is considering joining other California cities in temporarily raising wages for grocers at higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

The other goals that the Napa council is expected to consider on Tuesday will fall into six categories, including a new one of fostering greater diversity and fairness, in response to the wave of anti-racism protests in 2020 that hit Napa after the death of George Floyd during an arrest by the Minneapolis police. On the board’s slate is a proposal to emphasize linguistic equity for Spanish speakers in Napa by making the city’s communications, meetings and announcements more widely available and culturally competent.

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