Nan’s Day at the Oratori

Christmas, New Years, Covid and Three Kings all over the span of four weeks. Our Covid Christmas family will be filed in the Christmas keepsake box under the “Do Not Repeat” category. However, it gives me great sympathy for all of you who are supporting him at this time. All I can say for sure is that ‘it will pass’ and then you’re in a good position with a little more immunity.

So when this Nan and the grandchildren were fit enough to go out, we headed south. Our goal was a change of scenery and a recognition of marriage. A cafe in Portals opposite the super yachts and a stroll through the shops started the day. Department stores, which get more expensive with each visit, but no customers. I guess the rich have to order online and get their people to call the stores to pick up. Just a little soulless I have to say.

We were on a wedding information gathering and the mission was to see how little Church, Portals was looking for. This is what we call it, but it has its own name like Oratori. At the beginning of Mallorca a favorite restaurant was on the Church Lands site and it was an Ex Pat hub. Today, no restaurant and everything is very calm.

It was a wonderful sunny winter day and the church and surrounding space looked just great. The sea view and the few people sunbathing on the ledge by the sea were a magical sight. The Oratori is a very small church which is extremely popular for weddings. Many guests often stand outside and the whole area becomes the space of the congregation.

This church began its life there in 1866. The Marquis de la Romana, Don Pedro Maza de Lizana, donated land near Bendinat for the construction of a new oratory dedicated to the Virgin. From that moment, this area was known as Portals Nous. Stylistically, it is considered a set with neo-Gothic influences and regionalist accents. It is covered with a ribbed vault in the nave and an octagonal half-dome in the apse.

This is what we call it, but it has its own name like Oratori.

The altarpiece located inside the church, behind the altar, was paid for by Mrs. Dª. Margarita Sureda, Marquise de Campo franco, and in her the “Immaculate Virgin of the Portals” is venerated.

The church was open for our visit and we were able to go inside. As the only visitors, we had the place and the beauty to ourselves. It’s a great place to sit and watch some sea life as the odd boat heads out for a winter sailing afternoon.

The checkbox was in place for the questions we needed to ask for the bride-to-be. There are so few churches on the island that are on a promontory facing the sea. This was a criterion for our friends and it was more than adequate. It is however in competition with the Marriage space of Son Marroig which also fulfills the criteria of the view. The difference is that Son Marroig is not a Church, but neither is its beauty in question.

Stylistically, it is considered a set with neo-Gothic influences and regionalist accents.

The fact remains that weddings in Mallorca are spoiled for choice when it comes to venues. There are a multitude of professionals here, who know the island inside out and render a great service to the many wedding blessings held here. So many marriages have been delayed, but now 2022 looks like it can make up for lost time. Hesitant at first, now inquiries keep pouring in.

My Wedding Celebrant friends tell me that most of their requests are for small and intimate weddings. It always seems risky to try to bring together friends and families by the hundreds. This is one of the reasons why this church in Portals Nous is almost sold out for weddings this year.

The mission was to see how much Church, Portals was looking for

The Oratori had a great “Nan’s Day Out” first of 2022. Easy parking almost outside the door and fabulous views to accompany Little Church.

So many places to visit on this beautiful island. I recommend this one today and will be back soon with more.

Happy New Year from ‘Nan’s Days Out’…

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