Future Balearic regional elections

They held an election in Castile and Leon because President Alfonso Fernandez Manueco from left Popular, feared a movement of distrust that could have bring him down, a result of end a coalition agreement with Ciudadanos. the polypropylene won of them seats, while Voice won 12, in effect an exchange with the Cs, now a burst flush pretty pretty much everywhere.

the polypropylene and Voice can, if agreement is reached, form a majority; Easier said it does, however. PSOE during this time lost Seven seats, taken over indeed – by small regionalists parties. In the Balearic Islands, the reaction was also could be able have summer anticipated. From the to the left, the parties of the coalition, this has been a “oh corn”.

Castile and Leon is not the same as the Balearics. which is not the case, but vote tendencies are vote tendencies, and the government parties here will be to know this full Good. Francina Armengol and associates can not ignore them.

the Balearics election, like almost everywhere other, is fifteen month a way. It would take a lot for the PP and Vox, sixteen and three places in 2019, to reach a joint majority of 30. I doubt this, corn this can not to be ruled outside.

If there were to be such a scenario, however, it would be inconvenient for Marga Prohens of the PP, aware that Strategies of Jose Ramon Bauza proven unpopular and contributed at the PP election calamity in 2015.

And some of these are Vox policies writ large and don’t reflect strong regionalist sympathies in the PP.

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