Creation of new states and questions arising from them


While some Nigerians are calling for a return to regionalism, there is currently a proposal before the Senate on the creation of new states.

Some of the requests are ITAI state (of Akwa Ibom state); State status for the CTF; State of Katagum of State of Bauchi; East Kogi Okura State; Adada State from Enugu State; South Kaduna Gurara State; and Ijebu State from Ogun State.

Others are Ibadan State of Oyo State; Tiga State from Kano State; Ghari State from Kano State; the state of Amana of Adamawa; Gongola State of Adamawa; Mambilla State from Taraba State; Savannah State of Borno State; and Okun State of Kogi State.

The list also includes the state of Etiti of the south-eastern zone; Orashi State of Imo and Anambra States; Njaba from the current state of Imo or excision from Aba state from Abia state; State of Anioma from Delta State; the states of Torogbene and Oil River of the states of Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers; and Bayajida State from parts of Katsina, Jigawa and Zamfara States.

I really don’t think Nigeria needs more states and my reasons aren’t far-fetched.

At a time when many existing states are not economically viable and most of them struggle to pay minimum wages and meet basic minimum governance requirements, suggestions for additional states are wrong. idea.

Some have even suggested that states should merge to survive due to their non-viability.

So with the new states, we will have more senators, members of the House of Representatives, legislators and state commissioners. The cost of governance will certainly skyrocket at a time when there is a strong clamor for reducing the cost of governance.

What is behind the clamor for more states? I believe that the lack of good leadership, fairness, impartiality and justice at all levels can fuel the turmoil for the creation of new states.

I firmly believe that the creation of new states will not solve the problem of marginalization but will only make it worse. It is instructive to note that Nigeria has over 350 tribes and over time all tribes will ask for new states.

There is no doubt that the Nigerian federation needs to be reshaped to ensure accountability, good governance, growth and prosperity. First, given the growing insecurity in all parts of the country, I firmly believe that state police are the way to go.

I have always pleaded for power to be vested in states. Interestingly, the federal government exercises exclusive power over 68 items on the exclusive list. The states, in agreement with the federal government, exercise power over 30 items on the concurrent list. I think more items from the exclusive list will be added to the competing list.

I see no reason why minimum wage, mining and agriculture should be controlled by the federal government. The income allocation formula should be changed to give more allocations to states.

Currently, the local government system is practically dead and tied to the strings of the apron of governors who have made it their business to subdue local governments. A strong, manly and active local government will reduce the clamor for more states.

Recall that the President of the Senate Ahmed Lawan said that the security problems in the country can be attributed to the lack of a functioning local government system.

As the nation’s leaders seek solutions to the nation’s security crisis, he said, the system of local government should not be overlooked. I completely agree with him.

The most important factor in all of this is the lack of good leadership. This again highlights the need for the electorate to vote for leaders who fear God, are responsible and are able.

There is definitely a link between good leadership and development. With the right kind of leadership and the building of strong institutions, the agitation for more states and secession will come to an end for good.

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