Chinese Ministry of Commerce responds to US-initiated IPEF

China believes that the new Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) should facilitate prosperity, development and economic cooperation rather than undermine and divide existing mechanisms in the Asia-Pacific region, the Commerce Ministry said on Tuesday.

The success of the Asia-Pacific economy is based on openness, cooperation and mutual benefit. Relevant initiatives should contribute to the prosperity and development of the region, be open and inclusive rather than discriminatory and exclusive, and promote economic cooperation and solidarity rather than undermine and divide existing mechanisms, the ministry said in response to the request. US announcement of the launch of the framework. Monday.

“China remains open to any regional economic initiative in line with the above principles,” a ministry spokesperson said.

China will adhere to open regionalism and share good fortune and bad luck with its trading partners in the Asia-Pacific region, the spokesperson said.

China stands ready to push forward pragmatic cooperation with all parties to boost regional economic integration, promote regional economic recovery and maintain regional peace and stable development, the spokesperson said.

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