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Mr Martin, 67, rallied behind tariffs and “European protectionism” in a recent interview with the Sunday Times. The news comes as Liz Truss is considering a trip to Dublin for Northern Ireland Protocol talks, an issue which Brexiteer Ben Habib says could threaten “his entire job as Prime Minister”.

In his interview, Mr Martin said: “One of the great things about Brexit is getting rid of the fucking tariffs. They didn’t do it! If you criticize the EU for its protectionism, it there’s an implied promise that you I’m going to do something different.”

The idea of ​​getting rid of tariffs to help ease the UK’s cost of living crisis has already been floated by outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government, but with the announcement of a new leader and Prime Minister , expected tomorrow September 5, the responsibility will be passed on to a new government.

Already, the Developing Countries Trading System (DCTS) aims to reduce tariffs on hundreds of everyday consumer goods in a bid to lower prices.

The government said this could include everything from clothes and shoes to tomatoes and olive oil.

However, the Prime Minister’s hopeful and likely winner, Liz Truss, has another Brexit-related issue she will want to tackle in her first days in office.

Officials are said to be organizing a trip to Dublin to try to sort out the issues surrounding the Northern Ireland protocol.

The Sunday Times reports that she will meet Irish Taoiseach Micheal Martin to try to ‘agree’ on the deal, which has seen Northern Ireland effectively separated economically from the rest of the UK.

Ministers are pushing forward the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill which would see the UK drop some of the terms of the deal, but the EU has hit back, threatening legal action.


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