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The latest figures from the National Grid show that the UK imports as much energy from abroad via submarine cables as it has in excess. The amount of UK electricity coming from abroad has grown rapidly over the past decade, from just 1% in 2010 to almost 12% this year.

Experts suggest that growing dependence on foreign electricity could make Britain vulnerable to “political blackmail.”

Experts said France threatening to cut UK energy supplies over the fishing dispute is one example.

Dr John Constable, editor-in-chief of the Global Warming Policy Forum, told the Telegraph: ‘Relying on a major expansion of interconnections from Europe to support UK renewables is economically dangerous at best, as the Irish experience, and at worst gives the Europe Union a powerful weapon.

“To suggest that local wind power improves our national security is a naïve delusion. “

Tory backbenchers urge the PM to prioritize boosting Britain’s nuclear capacity over less reliable renewable sources, including wind, to boost the national electricity supply.

There has been a recent cut in renewables due to a lack of wind this year, forcing Ireland to purchase emergency supplies from the UK to avoid blackouts.

The French have also threatened to cut the power supply to the whole of the British continent.

France’s European affairs minister has threatened to cut off electricity supplies to Britain and Jersey over disputes over licenses granted to French fishermen in Channel waters.

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“We remain convinced that electrical safety can be maintained in a wide range of scenarios. “

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