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The BJP showed the sting at a press conference in which a person linked to the alcohol trade claims that the Kejriwal-led government deliberately kept small players out of its excise policy “ made to measure”, now abandoned, to help a few people monopolize the market.

The sting circulated by the BJP claims that the total amount of Rs 100 crore was donated by the alcohol giants to AAP in cash, to be used for the elections in Goa or Punjab. ANI

New Delhi: The BJP on Thursday shared an alleged sting that nails AAP’s complicity in an alleged Delhi alcohol scam, claiming that the amount of Rs 100 crore in cash was donated to the AAP government by the alcohol giants , which was later used by the Arvind Kejriwal-led party to fund Assembly elections in Goa and Punjab.

The BJP showed the sting during a press conference in which a person linked to the alcohol trade claims that the government led by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has deliberately kept small players out of its now discontinued ‘tailor-made’ excise policy to help a few. people monopolize the market.

“The license fee which was Rs 10 lakh earlier has been raised to Rs 5 crore to weed out smaller players in the market. The government wasn’t getting money from retailers so they stopped setting a quota for wholesalers to earn big,” the person said in the stinging video.

The sting further claimed that while the previous commission for the wholesaler/supplier was around 5%, it is now increased to 12%. The same policy was applied in Punjab but at 10% instead of 12%.

The BJP said Kejriwal had no moral right to continue as chief minister.

The person featured in the sting is a defendant in the case registered by the CBI to investigate alleged political-related corruption, the BJP said.

BJP spokesman Sudhanshu Trivedi said the AAP government was trying to ensure that only a few people control trade-related cash flows. Delhi BJP Chairman Adesh Gupta alleged it was done for bribery.

This money was used for polls in Goa and Punjab, Trivedi claimed.

He noted that Kejriwal used to tell people to give a shot to those who illegally demanded money from them and that he would take action against the culprits.

This is the second such sting, the BJP spokesman said, and no party’s character has been so warped as that of the AAP in the past seven to eight years.

“Either Kejriwal must act or he must apologize for his statement,” he said.

“The character of the Aam Aadmi party shows that politics for him is about ‘commission,'” he alleged.

Those who benefited from the excise policy also framed it, he said, adding that the sting was already in the public domain and was not done by the BJP. The BJP only shared it, he said.

BJP leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa said Kejriwal had no moral right to continue.

The AAP chief has repeatedly claimed that the excise policy is over the edge and the BJP has used investigative agencies to target his government for political reasons.

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