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Often times we residents of rural America feel ignored and underestimated by national politicians, but it’s their fault. They forget that the “flyover countries” represent a real wealth for our nation. In a letter this week, Nebraska Farm Bureau President Mark McHargue reminded President Joe Biden of this fact. McHargue wrote: “Every dollar of agricultural exports generates $ 1.28 in economic activities, such as transportation, financing, warehousing and production.

Farmers and ranchers produce real wealth for this nation. The best way to multiply this wealth is to capitalize on the strengths of American agriculture and to actively participate in world trade.

Former President Donald Trump did not seem to understand this vital fact. It withdrew the United States from global trade pacts, depriving our agricultural producers of lucrative opportunities and eroding confidence in the United States as a reliable supplier.

Our current president, Joe Biden, has used this Trump failure in his campaign for the White House; however, Biden repeats Trump’s mistake by failing to respond to his own call for aggressive action on trade.

McHargue’s letter communicated the agricultural country’s concerns about the administration’s apparent lack of action: in the area of ​​trade and trade policy. This lack of progress is unacceptable and undermines your commitment to “restore the global leadership of the United States”.

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