Savings and investment in difficult times


Saving and investing in difficult times can be very profitable if we know what the options are we have for it.

According to the study “Knowledge and perception of retirement savings system” carried out by the Consar (National Commission of the Retirement Savings System) in 2013, 66% of Mexicans do not have the habit of saving, while 7 out of 10 who do save do so thinking about a possible emergency, and only 3 out of 10 savers save money for their old age.

Now speaking of investment


The panorama also presents great areas of opportunity, as it turns out that only 35% of Mexicans invest, and those who save are already included in this percentage. Among the reasons for not saving or investing are: lack of knowledge about the instruments or forms of saving and investment, as well as its operation, and low income that barely reach to survive.

But there are several options. For example, did you know that there are places where you can invest small amounts like a hundred pesos, say? And this also applies to savings, it’s just a matter of looking well and starting to create a habit.

How to create a habit?

How to create a habit?

It is recommended to write a list with each and every one of the expenses we make; If we have no idea for sure what we spend and how much, then we can start by writing down all the expenses we made on the day so that after a month, we know exactly what we spend our money on. Ready in hand, we must find the areas of opportunity that will allow us to save, or invest our money; Once this is done, we move on to the part of where or how.

We can save by saving money on the mattress, the bank, through a trust, through a savings fund. We can invest in projects of friends and family, in banking instruments, through investment funds or in the exchange market.

It can also be done through a system

It can also be done through a system

It can also be done through a system that is becoming more popular every day thanks to its effectiveness and simplicity: Good Finance; A collective financing system in which you can earn money or not, depends on the model you choose. And we can’t put aside the companies that are responsible for funding projects, commonly called funding companies: an effective and safe way to save by investing your money.

To conclude, saving and investing even in difficult times should be common for Mexicans. Deciding to do nothing with our money rather than spending it, results in the loss of a great opportunity to increase it. That said, we invite you to be encouraged to save and invest right now.

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