Personal Loan to pensioners: solutions and methods of request

If you are a pensioner you may need to apply for a personal loan or a retirement pension that allows you to meet unexpected expenses or finance personal projects that you want to carry out. There are different solutions and credit products available on the financial and banking market, you can opt for a personal loan like a worker or opt for a salary loan, given that you receive your pension monthly.

if you are a former Uni pensioner you can take advantage of the attractive discounts that can be requested by submitting the application to the National Social Security Institute. A valid solution you can access is to take advantage of the commercial offers available on the online sites of credit brokers that, thanks to the Agreements signed with the various banking institutions and financial companies, you can benefit from advantageous economic and contractual conditions. We see in this guide the commercial solutions available and the methods of request ; furthermore, we also propose practical cases to simulate the most convenient repayment schedule.

Loans for pensioners: financial offer 

Loans for pensioners

Let’s start with the analysis of the commercial offer of personal loans for pensioners designed and provided by financial companies and the banking system. Interesting is the proposal of Director : if you are a pensioner , with obtaining a loan has never been so easy and fast. No motivation required, favorable conditions and customizable installments.

Thanks to the agreement with the INPS , Director guarantees you fast loan management times without bureaucratic hindrances as well as obtaining a loan at particularly convenient interest rates in compliance with the limits established by the agreement itself. Transparency is the main distinctive feature: a loan of up to 50,000 euros can be obtained, the installment includes all ancillary costs , the principal amount, the interest portion and any life risk insurance policy while the duration of the loan it can reach up to 120 months (10 years).

Loan: fixed rate with TAN and fixed APR


For the entire duration of the loan, you can request even if you have other loans in progress and if the credit position has critical issues such as protests or late payments. To access the loan it is necessary that the age of the pensioner at the end of the loan does not exceed 85 years and that the category of the pension does not fall into one of the following: pensions and social allowances; civil disabilities; monthly allowances for assistance to pensioners for disability; income support checks; family allowances; pensions with joint ownership for the portion not pertaining to the person requesting the transfer.

If you hold more than one transferable pension, the maximum installment is calculated on the total amount of pensions received. The contract cannot exceed 10 years in duration and insurance coverage is provided for the risk of premature death of the pension holder.

To request funding, an identity document and health card are sufficient ; it will be Directorfin , thanks to the agreement, to process the transferability communication, a document in which INPS indicates the maximum amount that your loan installment can have, and to manage electronically all the other obligations / documents necessary for the loan disbursement.

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