Foreign investments for companies

Made in Italy, and Expo 2015 proved it, is a guarantee of prestige and quality. It is therefore not surprising that many Italian companies seek outlets outside national borders , to give greater visibility to their products.

However, entering new markets is not an easy task. We need the right stability and security to come forward effectively and win new customers. Fortunately, Uni Lender comes to their aid, with ad hoc services designed specifically to support companies that aim to export their products. The proposed funds are really varied and adapt to all needs. Short, medium and long term programs, and many ideas to support companies step by step in the process of outsourcing. What to say? All that remains is to discover the wide offer.

Products to support investments


One form of support offered by Uni Lending is precisely liquidity. There are three ways to disburse capital, which can in turn be divided into various categories.

Short-term solutions: Business Management

Short-term solutions: Business Management

Dedicated to small companies in the agricultural, craft, tourism and commercial sectors, it provides capital for short-term projects. The maximum amount that can be requested is € 200,000, with an amortization plan for a maximum of eighteen months .

Medium-term solutions: Business Investments

Slightly wider range with this product dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses in any operating sector. The requirement is the budget, which for the last year must be less than 2 and a half million euros. The loan can reach the maximum amount of 750,000 euros and the duration of the amortization plan depends on the disbursed capital. If covered by collateral, it can be up to 20 years.

Long-term solutions: Liquidity Business

Depending on the type of financing, this loan provides a specific maximum payable amount.

  • Unsecured loan (where the signature works as a guarantee): 500,000 euros . Reimbursement envisaged in a maximum of 8 years.
  • Financing with real guarantees: 750,000 euros . Reimbursement expected in a maximum of 15 years.
  • Stock financing: 150,000 euros . Reimbursement envisaged in a maximum of 2 years.

Business support services

Business support services

Let us now turn to the facilities and support programs for companies that have partners abroad or that have managed to enter international markets.

Cash Management

For companies that have offices or partners outside Italy it could be very useful to have a current account in the foreign country’s currency. Thanks to Uni Lending it is possible to access via internet banking a specific centralized treasury service, thanks to which it can manage capital movements with foreign countries.

Collection and payments

This service allows a series of important operations, such as:

  • Send and receive bank transfers and international checks. In particular, the European transfer is popular, which speeds up financial flows with foreign countries.
  • Operate with automatic receipts management systems.
  • Get quick and accurate information , reducing management costs.

Easy Export

It protects companies from the risk of insolvency of their foreign partners. How is it possible? In the event that a company has short-term credits beyond national borders, Uni Lending allows them to sell them to the banks. Assuming that the credit institution gives its consent, the company may release its credit and with it the aforementioned risk of not receiving a refund. The necessary condition to be able to ask the bank for the assignment of the credit with a foreign debtor is to prove the invoices that have been issued by the supply and service contracts between the two parties in question.

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