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Rodda and Sons Landscapes is a design/build Seattle/South King County landscaping company that consists of a general manager, a design staff, landscape foremen, crew laborers, and an office manager/bookkeeper.

Depending on the size of the project, we work in small crews of a foreman and 1 to 3 crew members.  Our foremen have worked for Rodda and Sons Landscapes for many years.  They are excellent at working with our customers to answer questions, make small changes, and solve problems that may occur.  The foreman stays with the project from start to finish, sending crew members to procure plants and materials.  We pride ourselves on keeping an installation  crew working through a project from beginning to completion.  We don’t start a project, then show up sporadically to work on it.  Our customers appreciate that our crews clean up driveways and sidewalks before leaving the site each day.

Rodda and Sons designers not only work with you to plan your project, but also act as the project manager by visiting your site frequently while work is in progress.  This allows them to answer questions you or the foreman may have and to “tweak” details.  (We do not charge a project management fee to supervise our crews.)  The designer often helps set out plants and does a walk-through at the end of the project.

History: Rodda and Sons Landscaping was started in Burien, WA by Stewart Rodda in 1937. Barry Rodda, the current owner, and his brother, Foster, grew up working with their father in the family landscaping business. When Stewart retired in 1973, they continued Rodda and Sons as a partnership. In 1976, Foster and his family moved to the Ocean Shores area and continue to landscape there as Rodda & Sons West, LLC, leaving Barry and his wife, Jan, to carry on the family business in the Seattle area.

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